💡 Interesting things about this Site.

1. This website includes only Single HTML file.

Well it used to be but not now.

I am big fan of minimalism and simplicity, therefore I always try to avoid bloat stuff. Creating Website means managing multiple HTML pages which sounds bit of a hassle thats why most goes toward Static Site Generators. But those like me want to learn something new and want freedom to customize and edit the site the way they want wouldn't fall for that option.

Instead of creating each pages for each navs I simply used the #anchor suffix (from 1992) and the :target CSS selector to show and hide pages/content. Thats how navigation stuff works.

At first I was okay with previous blogging layout but I realized this page gonna get bloated with too many blogs entres, So creating seperate pages for each blogs was inevitable. and maybe I will iframe the blog/index page into blogs section. So browser wont have to load different pages it just navigate to different section of same site.

2. John Does's Site inspired me to create this layout.

I owe John Doe (whoever that is) for inspiring me to create this site, mostly because of #anchor suffix stuff. This website is databaseless, javascriptless, and builds#$t-free, so you can edit your website with a text editor and upload it somewhere like a normal person. Ik Ik even for fancy stuff I later used some js but still it most minimal out there.

3. Every Link on this site opens in new tab

You can always opens links on any site with SHIFT+CLICKS but in this site you dont have to.
For me its frustrating to load external links on same tab and loss track of main site. Thats why I dont wanted to give this same inconvinience to users. I used target="_blank". However this comes with one security flaw. To prevent this concern I used (and strongly recommend others too) to add rel="noreferrer noopener" to the anchor element to prevent a type of phishing known as tabnabbing.

In more correct and secured way you put it like this:

You add this precaution to prevent hackers from usi this vulnerability against you.

4. This blog is subject to updated.

To be continued...!